Love & conserve our wildlife

Habitats for wildlife

As custodians of this stretch of the river, we’re keen to do all we can to protect and restore habitat for wildlife. Natural England describes the Lower Roding and the key edge habitats in this section: “the semi-tidal river has exposed mud banks at low tide, and reed beds. Along with kingfisher and reed warbler, birds are more of the estuary type (duck and waders) demonstrating the change from freshwater river to tidal creek.” (Natural England, London’s Natural Signatures: The London Landscape Framework/January 2011) We’ve installed bird boxes of many different types along the river to encourage a variety of birds to nest, from goldfinches to kestrels. Blue tits feed on bird feeders at the mooring and insect hotels provide a boost to insect numbers in a way that also benefits many birds. Our logo is a kingfisher and we love catching sight of the flashes of blue as they dart past. We remain in communication with the wonderful organisation, Groundwork, about installing kingfisher nests along the river so look out for that in the future!