8 March 2021 ali

River Roding Working Weekend #2

To those members (old and new) who have asked how they can get involved in restoring the creek, we have an important volunteering weekend coming up in two weeks time and we’d like as many people to join us as possible. For some time, the River Roding Trust have been concerned by the disgraceful build up of litter on the reedbeds of Barking Creek, with the stretch between the town barrage and the A13 being particularly bad (as you can see in the shocking photo from this location below).
Over the course of 9 months of letters last year, we repeatedly asked the Port of London Authority (who own and supposedly ‘manage’ this section of the creek) to take action and spend a fraction of the thousands of pounds they receive in mooring fee income from the creek in dealing with the build up of litter, but they refused to do so.
This section of the creek can only be cleared before the reeds begin to grow again in April and we have decided that we cannot let another year go by with the reedbeds left in this state. We have therefore decided to take action and rally local volunteers to try and deal with as much of the rubbish as we can. We have joined forces with other local groups, including Roding Rubbish and Barking Creek Community Moorings to get as many people as we can to help clear the reeds on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st March. Do come and join us if you are able to, whether for one or both days, or even just a few hours.

Location: w3w.co/turns.worth.edgy

All details and signup for Saturday here

All details and signup for Sunday here