31 October 2020 ali

31.10.20 - River Roding Working Weekend #1

Opening up a riverside path from Barking to Ilford will massively improve the river and give a much needed green space for local people. Friends of the River Roding have cleared the initial path, which has revealed a lot of fly tipping and rubbish towards the Ilford end of the path. This looks awful, pollutes the river and is dangerous for wildlife. With your help we would like to collect all this rubbish together ready for TFL to remove.

We’ll be out working each day from 10am to 5pm- you can meet us at the River Roding Trust moorings or we will Place a pin for where we are walking. We will provide equipment and refreshments (some using ingredients from the Roding). Do come along to take part in the transformation of the Roding and to see how the various projects along the river are progressing.

This charitable activity is being carried out in compliance with the current coronavirus regulations. The event will be outside with social distancing, groups limited to 15 people and hand sanitising to reduce any risks.

Location: w3w.co/asking.less.tips (the blue bridge near Cowbridge Lane estate)

All details and signup here