1 March 2020 ali

Restoration Day #3

Spring is almost upon us and the coppiced willow we planted at the end of last year is beginning to sprout into life! These are branches and twigs that we cut from the trees to clear the navigation further upstream which, when put into the mud of the Roding are springing to life and bringing hundreds of new trees to the river.
At the moment the stretch of the river alongside Wickes is full of rubbish, with no tree cover. In the course of this volunteer day, Friends of the River Roding and the River Roding Trust are hoping to clear that rubbish and plant at least 100 new willow trees along the stretch, which should help to transform this part of the river for people and nature.
We’d love you to join us! There are few things more satisfying than seeing a rubbish strewn stretch of river transformed and to plant trees that you can watch grow over the coming years. We’ll provide snacks, tea and coffee, tools and gloves. Bring clothes that can dirty and footwear (ideally wellies) that can get muddy.
Meet at 10am at the River Roding Trust moorings next to Cow Bridge, or anytime during the day down on the river by Wickes.
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