12 January 2020 ali

Path Building #5

On a rather beautiful sunny winter’s day on Sunday, we will have another day with a group of volunteers out improving the riverside on the Roding. We will be clearing the brambles from alongside the path all the way up to the railway bridge; the land cleared will make the whole riverside look and feel more like a linear park than an overgrown path. There’s still lots of brambles for wildlife on the slope of the river defences and now much more room for wild flowers and other plants to come through, as has happened on other parts of the path where we have chopped back the brambles.
We will make a start on putting a couple of new benches in, made from quite beautiful weathered railway sleepers that we found in the undergrowth. The whole group are welcome on a trip up river on our new work raft, as far as can currently be navigated…
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