13 April 2019 ali

Path Building #1

One of our long-awaited projects has been putting in a proper path along the river from Barking to Ilford. Unfortunately, having very little budget, we were reliant on a friendly tree surgeon to give us free wood chip and had some difficult finding one. But this week we managed to find one who gave us a massive pile and so we set to work on the alleyway that links Little Ilford to the river.
This alley is a useful route to link Barking and Newham, but gets completely overgrown in the summer. We first put down scrap cardboard as a free and eco friendly weed suppressant and then borrowed in the wood chip. The result is rustic, but we think quite nice, and makes a practical path for very little money. We’re hoping to start work on the rest of the route to join to the existing path in barking soon.