19 March 2018 ali

Worksession #1

A work session for members of the FORR (Friends of River Roding) FB group – and friends / family – who want to volunteer some time on a Saturday to do some physical labour on the River Roding path. Ongoing work is needed to continue to cut back and remove vegetation from already cleared pathway in order to prevent re-growth during Spring / Summer. A massive litter-pick is also needed to clear the reed beds and path.
We will not be creating any more new path through the riverside undergrowth! This is about improving and maintaining the existing path. Available to borrow from the moorings are 5 sets of shears, 2 spades, 1 rake and 5 litter pickers. There are enough tools for up to 10 volunteers to make use of!

15 trolleys,
2 traffic cones,
2 gas canisters
2 traffic cones,
and a pram needs removing!

Please wear wellies (or bring some with you) so that you can safely go onto the reed bed and do some litter picking. If you have any tools yourself (shears, rakes, etc), feel free to bring them. Meet 10am on the path near the moorings.
**all work is carried out at your own risk and the residents of the moorings, the creator of this event nor anyone else can take responsibility for any personal injuries from accidents that happen during the event.